LSA at the League of California Cities Conference with hibu, YP

I am in Sacramento with Matt Krug of hibu, Charlotte Shepherd of YP, Aaron Lewis of hibu and Dan Moore of hibu.  We are exhibiting at the League of California Cities conference as we continue our proactive efforts at encouraging cities to use and promote the industry Yellow Pages opt-out site as a service to their residents and as an alternative to considering any regulatory initiatives.  We’ve had many productive discussions with local officials, both those who are supportive of our efforts as well as some who are still unsure.  Nevertheless, we see our outreach as important to building credibility with local communities and cities and will continue to invest in educating local leaders on the support our members provide to their communities from an economic and environmental standpoint.

LSA was also a primary sponsor of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) caucus of the California League of Cities.  The API caucus has been a great opportunity for me to get to know many local officials on a more personal level and develop deeper relationships.  LSA was featured at its packed-house annual event amongst a list of sponsors that included AT&T, Chevron, Comcast, and others, and LSA will continue to be recognized throughout the upcoming year.

League of California Cities conference attendees.

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