LSA at 2013 Congressional City Conference

I am at the 2013 Congressional City Conference in Washington, DC hosted by the National League of Cities (NLC).  City officials, mayors and city staff from across the country are here seeking support from Congress and the Administration on three main issues: (1) avoid taxing interest on municipal debt; (2) support taxes on internet sales; and (3) implement appropriate immigration reform.

I have really enjoyed spreading the word to local officials about our industry’s voluntary efforts in sustainability and consumer choice.  In addition, I am getting a chance to catch up with the connections that I made during last year’s NLC conference, especially with the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO).

I met some new councilmembers from Northern and Southern California as well as Washington State at the APAMO Business Meeting.  The relatively small size of this group (see picture below) has allowed me to develop genuine relationships with many of them.

Above are the attendees from the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO) Business Meeting at the National League of Cities (NLC) Congressional City Conference in D.C.

I also attended a joint constituency group reception that included, among others, both APAMO and the Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO) constituency groups.  I had a wonderful conversation with Mayor Anthony Spitaleri from Sunnyvale, California as we discussed the role of the U.S. in Mexico’s and China’s domestic civil rights and economic policies as they relate to immigration reform.

I finished off the night by going to dinner with a few new friends:  Gilbert Wong (Cupertino, CA), Sue Chan (Fremont, CA), David Lee (Medina, WA) and Benny Lee (San Leandro, CA).  These councilmembers influence local economies the way our members influence local search and it has been great meeting with them.

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