LSA 16: What Will Be Critical This Year in Local — Your Video Opinions

LSA 16 is coming up in early March (7 -9). Speakers and new details are being added daily. One of the challenges in putting together an event like this is accommodating everyone who wants to speak and all the interesting points of view out there.

We’ve been deluged by in-bound speaking requests. Accordingly, we were inspired to try and capture viewpoints from around the industry, as we did with our 2016 predictions — this time on video.

You’ve got strong opinions about what’s happening in local, what trends are important, what the industry should focus on. For example, what do you think about Facebook’s position in local, offline analytics, beacons, SMBs and ad sales, industry consolidation, mobile marketing, ad blocking, transactional business models, the uber-ification of everything or anything else.

We’d like a short clip expressing those views (no longer than 30 seconds). It can be done professionally, semi-professionally or on your smartphone (provided quality is decent).

We’re asking for submissions by February 10. We’ll take the footage and edit it into a single reel that will be shown at the opening of the conference. That will be followed by a panel discussion on the State of the Local Industry.

The video submissions will enable us to represent a broad range of views and should make for a more lively opening discussion. This year we’re trying to both tackle a broader range of topics and provide more practical insights and takeaways. Stay tuned, for example, for more on an executive sales leadership workshop.

The content and networking are going to be better than ever.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the conference (register) and get those video submissions in. Feel free to be edgy and provocative. When you’re ready, submit your video here. But get it in and see your views expressed at LSA 16 — by you!

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