LSA 15: Today’s SMB Churn and Sales Workshops Not to Be Missed

Later today Vendasta CEO Brendan King will be presenting data from the company’s client base (not survey data) that seeks to identify and explain the triggers and factors behind SMB churn. It’s sure to be controversial.

To my knowledge data like this has never been exposed in the market.

If you’re attending the conference you’re not going to want to miss this session, which leads directly into a local sales best practices session moderated by Neal Polachek featuring Advance Digital, the LA Times and Closely.

Last night King previewed some of the data and discussion for me (I’m working with them on a report on the findings). King said, “For each additional $100 of SMB advertiser spend, churn goes up 8%.” As I told King last night this is counter-intuitive because the convention wisdom is that lower-value accounts don’t deliver enough media buying power to create meaningful traffic and leads.

There are a lot of very specific findings like this and actionable takeaways. King is ready to be challenged and for an interactive discussion with the audience about it.

As I mentioned, this leads directly into a sales best practices workshop: Sales 2.0: Best Practices (Earl Baer, Anke Heckhoff, Sandy Lohr, Neal Polachek). They’ll be taking up the churn and retention conversation.

The discussion is sure to be informative and provocative. I’ll be there; I hope you will be also.

The workshops begin today at 1:30.

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