LOCALOGY ENGAGE 19: Turning Customers Into Advocates

Andrea Kayal, CMO of Upserve, a restaurant operations app company in the Vista Private Equity portfolio, spoke at our LOCALOGY ENGAGE: SaaS/SMB event last week. Andrea walked through Upserve’s model and approach for leveraging their best customers as a means to influence prospects.

She hit on a couple of themes. One, if you can show a bunch of chefs that they’re in good company using a particular software, the others will jump on board. Upserve believes that their advocates are the best for telling their unique story. This speaks to notion that pursuing customers in a tight vertical, like restaurants, can offer a company like Upserve the ability to use advocate marketing.

Andrea said that when they doubled the referral fee to restaurant owners and chefs, customer acquisition doubled in parallel. She also indicated that influencer sales, either direct or indirect, delivered upwards of $4.5M in ARR.

Perhaps most interesting was that Upserve had reached out to Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA star Steph Curry and restaurant owner. Ayesha has in excess 6 million social media followers and her ability to leverage her social following is considerable. “

She also elaborated on how video continues to be a good model for the company to present case studies. However, Upserve is determined to find a new term for case studies, as they are designed to focus more on the demonstrated results, and less on the actual benefits.

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