Local SEO Expert Confesses Value of Print Yellow Pages

In an article posted on Search Engine Land this week, Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide, a local search engine optimization consulting company, made a stark admission: he uses the print Yellow Pages.

Shotland’s day job is focused on promoting the value of digital advertising solutions for local businesses. But when a main water pipe to his house started to leak and flooded his lawn, Andrew admits he turned to his Yellow Pages directory to find a local plumber to help fix the problem.

On this blog, we frequently cite the various reasons why print Yellow Pages continue to play an important role in the local search experience. However, nothing we say can compare to the words of support spoken from a respected digital enthusiast like Andrew.

You can read Andrew’s piece here.

4 Responses to “Local SEO Expert Confesses Value of Print Yellow Pages”

  1. Greg Frye says:

    Just because you can find one digital enthusiast that still uses the print yellow pages doesn’t mean that the print Yellow Pages “continue to play an important roll in the local search experience”. While we’re using non-statistically relevant methods to gauge print usage, my guess is that for every 1 digital enthusiast that continues to use the print YP, you can find 100 that haven’t used it in several years.

  2. R Mullake says:

    The Yellow Pages is still relevant in todays modern media arena. These companies although arrogant in the past to change their ways are starting to get their act together. Yellow Pages is a trusted and recognised brand by many age groups. Digital is not all important, but certainly a heavyweight and absolute necessity for any company wanting increased exposure for their business.

  3. I have been a Yellow Pages consultant for 20 years and have many clients. The Yellow Pages usage varies alot depending upon the location. San Francisco usage has dropped to a third in the last five years while Reno NV has dropped maybe 10%.
    The revenue that AT&T is receiving on print has dropped in half. They are pushing their advertisers onto YP.COM and PPC. Some businesses I work with have shifted to Google Places, Yelp,AND Anges List and kept only a listing in the iYellow Pages and are doing great.

  4. Buy cosmetic says:

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