Local Search Association Co-op Products: All Media Welcome

The following post is from Val Onyski, director of operations at the Local Search Association.

I know that many sales reps are aware of co-op, but they may not be familiar with the products available to help them through the Local Search Association.  Or, they may know the Association has these products, but are not familiar with how to use them.

Traditionally, the Local Search Association  produced a Co-Op Advertising Programs Handbook twice a year that contained co-op programs for about 800 brands.

Today, the Association still offers the printed handbook – some reps just love keeping the book in their car! – but also offers the data via Co-Op Online and a corresponding mobile/iPad application. And both the online and mobile/iPad app have over 1,800 product brands listed!

While some in our industry may think that usage of co-op programs is diminishing – it’s actually growing.  The Association is now gathering data for co-op programs that offer Internet Yellow Pages advertising, mobile advertising, and direct mail, among other offerings.

The Association also offers members free classes about how to best utilize our online and mobile co-op products so that they can find what they want, when they want it – fast!  Contact Judy Tepel today to find out more about our co-op products and to learn how to use them at 248-244-6208 or

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