Local Programmatic On a Tear: 110% Growth in 2016

The following chart is from an infographic distributed by NinthDecimal, based on their data from the first half of 2016. Location based programmatic grew 110% in the first six months of 2016, as advertiser demand for location-driven audiences continued to climb.

location based programmatic

NinthDecimal President David Staas sees continued growth in the use of location data as a general purpose audience intelligence and attribution tool — independent of geofencing or real-time location targeting:

From an innovation perspective, location data will continue to play a key role as the glue that connects separate data siloes for different channels and devices to create unified customer profiles that play nicely into existing CRM insights. It will also be important to the advancement of measurement, as retailers and other major industries look to uncover more meaningful metrics, such as lift in store visits for target audiences tied to specific campaigns.

As I’ve argued elsewhere, location data/intelligence will become a nearly ubiquitous component of brand and enterprise digital marketing. And if not used for audience and behavioral targeting, it will almost always be used for offline measurement.

NinthDecimal will be presenting a case study reflecting these insights (“Location Data in Action”) at LSA17. Register today, early bird rates expiring soon.

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