Local Lessons from Spotify

I don’t know about you, but over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling a sense of FOMO. I have been a loyal Apple Music subscriber. Perhaps I should not have been so loyal.

I am seeing a growing volume of messages and social posts featuring friends are pointing to their Spotify music trends and talking about what they’ve been listening to for the last decade.

For those Spotify customers, it is probably a little like looking back on your digital pictures — you can see your life experiences. Reviewing the music we’ve been listening to over a period of years or even decades is poignant, it composes the soundtrack of our lives.

And Apple probably is feeling its own sense of FOMO as well since Spotify has been able to trigger a massive customer advocacy marketing campaign since they capture and store and then share with their users their listening history.

What does this have to do with local? A lot, actually.

What Spotify is doing is surfacing data they have been collecting and making it transparent to its customers. Spotify is finding a unique way to engage with its customers — using its data to surface insights to its listeners.

As for local businesses, sure they’re not going to have gobs of data to share with customers. But in the spirit of ThinkLikeAnApp, local businesses can do a better job of exposing data and insights to their customers.

Is it the guy who runs the car spa and texts pictures to his customers throughout the process of treating their cars? Is it the local pizza guy who offers a pizza tracker a la Dominos? Is it the dentist who tracks his patients’ gum health and shares that information back to them? Is it the moving and storage operator that sends his customers location updates during their precious household items’ journey from California to…anywhere but California?

Spotify is merely sharing information it has collected and using it as a means of deepening customer engagement, loyal and advocacy. There’s a song playing for local businesses as we move into the next decade. Will they hear the lyrics?

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