PaperG: Local Display Solves Problems That Local Search Can’t

We’re continuing our “Lightning Round” series today with a post by Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG.

Search has solved a lot of problems for advertisers and consumers. When consumers know what they want, search ads help funnel users to an appropriate business. However, many small businesses can’t rely solely on search ads for demand generation, if at all, since it depends entirely on people knowing about a specific business or looking actively for something.

A recent case study on local display done by PaperG reveals a telling example of a local sandwich shop, Cheeseboy, which sought to increase broader brand awareness and drive people to a special event. Due to low search query volumes for related keywords, Cheeseboy turned to other media like broadcast and local online display ads to reach its users. Through online local display, Cheeseboy was able to generate clicks at a cost-per-click competitive to search but at a far greater volume. Each customer spent more money during the event than the cost to acquire that customer, leading to a positive ROI and proving display as a direct response medium. In addition, tens of thousands of local customers saw the Cheeseboy ads, which set the stage for future conversion.

Increasingly, local display ads have become a must buy for small businesses looking to grow their business. Directories have learned they can no longer simply capture existing demand for their customers; instead, they have to be able to generate new demand and really own the whole purchase consideration funnel from top to bottom. The ones that have that capability can help businesses produce real results in good economic times and bad times.

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