Local Auto Body Repair/Paint Shops Make a Dent in April

You probably know that April is when millions of Americans start thinking about swimsuit season, but it turns out that shaking off the winter is not just about personal body repair – it’s about getting your car in shape, too. This month, usage of the “Auto Body/Paint” heading spikes, particularly with 18-to-49 year-old male drivers looking for dent, fender, windshield, bumper and front end repairs.

Ron Pyle, president of the Automotive Service Association, says that weather is a major determining factor of auto body repair, but that this year, the economy has also had an impact. Read more of Ron’s thoughts on the auto repair industry in his blog, and in this CNN article discussing how the economy is increasing spending on maintenance.

In addition to saving money, 79% of heading users also want to shop locally. That’s a good thing, because this heading is dominated by local advertisers: of the 36,000 auto body shops nationwide, the 50 largest firms only account for 8 percent of the industry’s $25 billion total revenue.

If you are an independent advertiser in this industry or are working with one, here are some impressive stats to have at your fingertips:

  • The Yellow Pages is the #1 medium used by consumers to find an auto body/painting shop: 32% of active buyers refer to the Yellow Pages, which is three times more than any other medium.
  • In addition to the 47.1 million references generated in print Yellow Pages, Internet Yellow Pages receive 7.7 million searches per year for this heading.
  • The average local display ad generates around 215 sales per year, or $385,000 in sales revenues.
  • According to an annual survey of underhood service shops conducted by Babcox Research, 64% of auto body shops use the Yellow Pages as an advertising method.
  • After referencing this heading, 52% of users conduct a transaction and an additional 38% say they intend to.

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  1. Yes,
    April showers bring hail damage. This spring, when consumers need auto body repair, they’ll turn to the Yellow Pages. The “Auto Body Repair/Paint” heading receives more than 51 million references annually, with the highest usage levels in April(1).

  2. Thanks for the good info…very good blog site.

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