Data: 63% Using Social Media to Find Local Businesses Made Contact

LSA has received the results of the most recent Local Media Tracking Study (LMTS). Managed by our partner Thrive Analytics, it measures consumer usage of various digital and traditional media channels for local business search and discovery.

There are 13 channels tracked, from newspapers, coupons and print directories to search engines, review sites, social networks, websites and mobile apps. LSA will be releasing more data over the coming weeks. Today, we’re taking a look at findings surrounding use of social networks to find local business information.

Social networks, as a channel to discover local businesses, reached 76% of the survey population. Search engines had the greatest reach (91%) of all the media channels in the study.

A majority of people (63%) using social networks to look for local business information subsequently made a contact in the form of an in-person visit, phone call, website visit or email inquiry. This figure is slightly higher than recorded for search engines (60% made a contact).

Consumers contacted an average of 2.5 businesses after a social network search. Most of those contacts occurred on the same day as the query.

Roughly 45% of those who contacted a business went on to make a purchase; 38% of those making purchases were new customers. It’s interesting to note that a majority of local business lookups on social networks were repeat consumers and “name in mind” searches.

The 2018 LMTS survey sample consisted of more than 4,000 US adults, screened to match the general adult population. LSA has run a version of the study since 2013.

To access the graphic above, click here. 

2 Responses to “Data: 63% Using Social Media to Find Local Businesses Made Contact”

  1. Lee says:

    What sites are included in the Social Network bucket?

  2. Greg Sterling says:

    The survey instrument identifies FB and other examples but isn’t exhaustive. I don’t know offhand if YouTube is included in that category.

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