Kindle DX and Other Large-Screen Portables Offer New Opportunities for Yellow Pages

I think it’s fair to say that the newspaper industry held its breath for a few moments this week as Amazon unveiled the Kindle DX, an oversized version of its portable electronic book reader.

Many are going so far as to say that the Kindle DX will be the savior of newspapers, just as the smaller Kindle is breathing new life into book publishing.

Right now, there are many limitations on Kindle devices that prevent it from being a versatile local search tool. But change is on the way.

Rumors are swirling about a new netbook from Apple, something possibly like an oversized iPod Touch in collaboration with Verizon. Meanwhile, Microsoft will be releasing the ZuneBook, a portable Windows 7 mobile device.

These new entries from Apple and Microsoft will add even more flexibility, with color displays and a host of features and applications.

Consumers are already using local search tools right from their mobile devices. But the new level of sophistication these portable devices will offer is sure to change the local search industry – again.

I can certainly imagine, for example, full versions of our print directories appearing on the Kindle DX, or ZuneBook, or the unannounced Apple device. I’m not sure yet what this looks like, or how it works, but the possibilities seem endless to me.

Electronic full-page layouts, instant updates, full-color display ads, convenient cross referencing options, and flexible search features … all of these could be part of a Yellow Pages portable device offering.

Let’s get creative. What do you think the Yellow Pages industry could do with this next generation of devices? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

One Response to “Kindle DX and Other Large-Screen Portables Offer New Opportunities for Yellow Pages”

  1. It does open up new possibilities doesn’t it?

    Here’s the thing I like best about the printed product: I can quickly flip pages looking at different alternatives and what they have to say about themselves. So, let’s make sure we maintain that in the electronic version.

    But now, let me ‘mark’ the ones that catch my eye and compare them. And I should be able to ask to see other businesses that are similar to the ones I’ve marked (and doing this well, would be tricky but extremely valuable).

    And then finally, let me tap in to the real-time ‘social conversation’ about these businesses such as reviews and twitter conversations.

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