Introducing LSA’s New Podcast — ‘On Target’

At LSA we’ve been expanding the ways that we engage with members and companies in the larger local ecosystem. We’ve added more events, increased the frequency and range of our webinars, published new types of reports and increased our blogging. We’re also inviting more third party contributors to participate.

Still, it’s challenging to keep up with everything that’s going on and to reflect all the interesting and dynamic developments in the market. For this reason we’re introducing a new podcast called “On Target,” exploring the intersection of technology, media and local commerce. It will also be an opportunity for us to have more informal discussions with interesting people about a wide range of topics of interest to this audience.


The inaugural episode is an interview I did with Manish Patel, Founder and CEO of Brandify.  He and I talk about the 20-year history of Brandify, technology developments that matter, what’s changed in the market since he started, the location challenges enterprises face and why consumers are no longer “brand loyal” but “experience loyal.”


In the second episode, Charles Laughlin interviews Michael Boland of BIA/Kelsey and Radhakrishna Hiremane of See Chat about “conversational commerce.” The emerging phenomenon sits at the intersection of messaging and shopping, with significant implications for both brands and local businesses. Facebook and others are making a push to turn messaging into a platform for everything from local discovery to booking to customer support. Some of this is already well underway in other markets around the world.

Upcoming podcasts include Dr. W. Michael Cox, former chief economist of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, previewing his keynote at LSA17, and Mark McLeod of SurePath Capital Partners discussing patterns and trends in digital services for the SMB market.

If you have an interview suggestion, please let us know at

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