Introducing LSA Market Landscape Reports: Location Intelligence

Yesterday we released the first of what we intend to be a series of Market Landscape reports on different technology tools and services. The first is on location intelligence providers.

The intention of these reports is to offer LSA members and the broader local ecosystem audience an overview of the market segment, profile the major vendors and offer questions and considerations for buyers. There are 34 companies profiled in the report.

Unlike Forrester Wave reports or Gartner Magic Quadrants, we’re not trying to pick “winners and losers” and we’re not trying to include every single company in the segment. (We’re not asking anyone to pay for inclusion.) We’re also trying to make these manageable and focus on the major providers.

Our aim is to give prospective buyers an overview, useful information and tools to help make decisions about which companies to approach or consider. In most technology segments it’s very hard to penetrate the veil of marketing speak and performance claims.

We hope that these reports will give you a sense of relevant companies to consider, what they do and what to think about or ask in selecting a partner or provider.

Other potential Market Landscape reports under consideration include:

  • Social media technology providers
  • National-to-local presence management and SEO providers
  • Local marketing automation

Please download the report and give us your feedback:

  • Is it helpful?
  • What features or elements should it include?
  • What’s missing or should be changed?
  • Which market or technology segments would you like us to cover?

We’re also considering doing this for our SMB audience to help them become more educated buyers of digital marketing and other services. If you have feedback or would like to offer other ideas, send us a note at

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