Intermedia Shopping Study

The Yellow Pages Association has released some interesting results from the just completed Intermedia Shopping Study (ISS) conducted by TNS. The purpose of the study is to measure consumers’ use of various media during the purchase decision process.

Print Yellow Pages + Internet Yellow Pages at 26.5% came in second to online services at 30.8% for the media used most by consumers during the purchase decision.  More importantly, print Yellow Pages extended the reach of search engines from 29.7% to 43.9%, an increase of almost 50%.

The top used headings for print and internet Yellow Pages are as follows.


1. Septic Tank Service
2. Funeral Directors
3. Plumbing Contractors
4. Glass – Automobile/Plate/Window
5. Appliances – Service & Repair
6. Roofing Contractors
7. Towing – Automotive
8. Electrician/Electrical Contractors
9. Locks & Locksmiths
10. Doors/Garage Doors


1.  Employment Agencies
2.  Movers
3.  Check Cashing Services
4.  Air Conditioning Equipment
5.  Building Contractors
6.  Apartments
7.  Nurses
8.  Glass – Automobile/Plate/Window
9.  Storage-HH and commercial
10. Septic Tank Service

The fact that only two headings (Septic Tank Service and Glass) appear on both lists once again demonstrates that PYP and IYP are mutually exclusive and are used for different purposes.

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  1. i love Online shopping because it is so convenient and it is just one click away.`.:

  2. Amelia Gray says:

    online shopping is very exciting because you do not need to go on a shopping store to purchase items.;,-

  3. Archie Hill says:

    i love to both shop online and offline, you can say that i am a shopaholic:.*

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