InsideYP Goes Inside YPA Annual Conference

2009 Conference & Exhibition

I’m on site in San Diego setting up for our annual conference next week. It’s the calm before the storm, but in three days, we’ll have all the major industry players here together to talk about innovation and transformation in an environment that is rapidly being changed by local search, social media and new technology.

With this kind of action going on, there promises to be some interesting dialogue – and we want to bring as much of it to you as we can.

Throughout the conference, our YPA team of bloggers will post brief, periodic updates about the about what’s happening on stage, thought-provoking points made by speakers, and the reaction of attendees.

Starting Sunday evening, check in for these ongoing updates.

I’d also like to invite conference attendees in San Diego to follow the blog as well and contribute your own comments about what you’ve heard.

Of course, the conference agenda is packed and we can’t possibly cover it all here. So if you see something that piques your interest, we’ll be making slide presentations decks and session audio CDs available after the conference. Watch our Web site and this space for details.

Wish you were here with us, but since you can’t be, stay in the loop!

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