Infographic: The 2016 State of Small Business Marketing

We follow the small and medium-sized business (SMB) marketing space closely, analyzing and writing about the many studies and surveys that highlight the perceptions, aptitudes, feelings, needs and wants of these businesses. However, despite a wealth of data and studies, it is challenging to make any broad claims about these SMBs.

Much like the local marketing space being transformed by technology (mobile, wearables, beacons, etc.), the Internet has forced the SMB community to rethink how they promote themselves and win new customers. What we find at our LSA Bootcamp events and from these various surveys is that there is a wide-range of understanding and know-how.

What we do know for sure is that marketing is a critical component to success for SMBs given consumer behavior and adoption of digital tech. More importantly, with 91% of businesses in the U.S. having 4 employees or less, helping these SMBs succeed is critical to the national economy.

We put the following infographic together to celebrate the SMB community for Small Business Week (#DreamSmallBiz) and to highlight the opportunity that remains in helping these businesses market themselves online more effectively.

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  1. Dave Gonynor says:

    For many small businesses the challenge is time. They are so busy running their own business it leaves little time trying to understand how to manage their “online” business and take advantage of digital marketing.

    We have been working for years to make it simple for small restaurant and retail businesses to digitally market to new customers and effectively promote their businesses. It has to be simple and low cost and allow small business owners to focus on delivering great product and services and delighting their customers which in the long run is the best marketing they can do.

    Dave Gonynor, CEO
    That’s Biz

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