Infographic: Over 50% of Consumers Reach for Mobile at Start of Path to Purchase

Consumers now spend more time online via mobile devices than PCs.  This migration has led to a shift in how consumers make local purchase decisions.  According to Telmetrics and xAd’s Mobile Path to Purchase study, mobile is now the device of choice for consumers beginning their purchase process.

Consumers who reach for the mobile device first are more open to influence. The study, which is now in its third year, showed that just one out of five mobile shoppers knew exactly what they were looking for compared to the one out of three in 2013. This decline suggests mobile shoppers are increasingly using mobile to “explore” instead of simply locating a specific business.

Nonetheless, many of these mobile shoppers end up finding what they are looking for, with about two out of three mobile searches ultimately leading to a purchase. The restaurant category is finding some of the strongest conversion from mobile local searches, with about 80% resulting in a purchase.

“The truly pervasive nature of mobile is reinforcing the opportunity for advertisers to pursue mobile’s ready to buy audience and clearer performance metrics,” said Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics.

Check out the infographic below for more:

2 Responses to “Infographic: Over 50% of Consumers Reach for Mobile at Start of Path to Purchase”

  1. Soumya says:

    Very informative inforgraphics with good statistics. Truly said, Mobile internet users are the future and if any business is not targeting them then they are losing a good amount of businesses. The first stem companies should take to redesign their old website to a mobile friendly responsive website which fits into any sized devices easily and delivers better user experience and in tern delivers better productivity.

  2. Marcus says:

    Very true. When you analyze it yourself you will even find out that the human mind is more relaxed when something is felt to be more real to it. According to the research at Ringostat intelligent call tracking service, more than half of e-tailers’ transactions are made by phone, reaching 100% for some business models. Inbound phone calls are the huge source of customers and sales, yet underrated. Why does this happen, really?

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