Improved Search Features Make Thousands of Co-op Advertising Plans Easily Discoverable

One of the priorities of redesigning LSA’s co-op website and database was improving the user experience. The new Co>Op Connect search feature now makes thousands of available co-op advertising plans easily discoverable.

The database offers both search and advanced search options within the main page header menu. As seen below, the co-op plan search bar is located in the center of the dashboard page.


To search the database, enter the name of a manufacturer, brand, or category, such as “tires” or “furniture.” There are also search suggestions once you start typing.

The advanced search option lets users narrow results by inputting more in-depth information, like participation percentage, performance period, reimbursement method and more. This helps quickly and efficiently identify the exact type of plan you’re looking for.


Once you’ve conducted a search, the Search Results Page will guide you through the available plans, relevant to your client’s business. On the Search Results Page, users can also remove plans, sort results by parameter and download a PDF file of the full or modified search results.

To gain access to this powerful and unique tool, to help your customers search for and customize co-op plans, visit, call 877-990-COOP or email for more information.

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