Implement Google Seller Ratings to Drive Incremental Performance

Sometimes the most valuable tools to improve your digital marketing performance are hiding in plain sight. Such is the case with Google Seller Ratings (GSR).

Google Seller Ratings are a Google AdWords (soon-to-be-known as Google Ads) extension that automatically displays your business’s average rating alongside your ads. Google says that ads with GSR achieve a 17-percent higher click-through rate (CTR) than the same ads without ratings. And you’re not charged for the extension, just for clicks on your ad as Google normally does. But many businesses I’ve worked with have not implemented GSR.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? An automatic extension to your Google ad campaign that can boost your CTR is oftentimes overlooked — probably because it’s too difficult for advertisers to keep up with the plethora of tools Google has unleashed on the world over the years.

It’s time to stop missing out and start benefiting.

Google Seller Ratings Defined

A Google Seller Rating consists of a rating about your business, the number of reviews that generated the rating and additional information that sheds light on why you got the rating. Google gets the ratings from a number of sources, including shopping reviews for your store domain and feedback from a select number of independent review sites.

To have a Seller Rating:

  • You must have at least 150 authentic, transaction verified reviews over a rolling 12-month period of time.
  • The aggregate score must be greater than 3.5 stars to be shown.
  • The review source must be one of around 15-20 Google approved reviews systems.

The real value of GSR happens when you make them part of your Google Adwords extension. Here is an example of GSR implemented correctly:


If you are having problems implementing GSR, here are some suggestions:

  • Look at the Google Seller Rating feed for your store by typing the following into your browser: adding the store’s URL after the equal sign.
  • Place the store domain in the Google Shopping search bar to check if Google Seller Ratings are showing. Make sure to put the results in list view, because sometimes in grid view there is no room for Seller Ratings to show.

The Value of Google Seller Ratings

We encourage our clients to look for integrated solutions that tie together all facets of reputation management; we view GSR as just another step in this journey by amplifying the value of customer ratings through paid media. As a marketer, if you could increase CTR by 10% and reduce CPC by .50¢ what would be the financial impact? Competitors are looking for ways to increase click-through-rates and lower their cost-per-click . . . are you?

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