Identifying Micro Moments Makes it 65% More Likely to Achieve Profitable Mobile ROI

The internet and more recently, the “any time” access provided by mobile devices is changing the way we think and process information.  Today, in part due to the volume of information available, we retain less facts and instead remember where to find the information we need.  We also consume that information in shorter, but more frequent sessions.

Advertisers need to adjust their marketing strategies and adapt to this changing consumer behavior that Google has coined “micro moments.”  Google identifies 4 different moments that together cover the full range of user needs across all stages of the consumer journey as follows:

  • I-want-to-know moments
  • I-want-to-go moments
  • I-want-to-do moments
  • I-want-to-buy moments

It might seem impossible to local businesses to identify when those moments occur, know who is there, understand what’s needed, and serve the right content up before the short window closes.  Yet that is what consumers are demanding who otherwise swipe away ads, close pop up boxes or block ads that aren’t what they want when they want it.

For those who can make the right adjustments, it’s an opportunity to compete even with larger or more recognizable brands.  65% of smartphone users look for the most relevant information regardless of company or provider.  And 69% of users are more likely to buy from companies that help them find answers to their questions.

Even making some adjustments will help according to Forrester – just being able to identify micro-moments makes it 65% more likely that a marketer will report profitable mobile ROI.

Here’s a couple of adjustments you can make to take advantage of the micro-moments movement:

  • Draft content that helps consumers make decisions. 33% of mobile users switch to a competitor that provides helpful information so make sure you don’t lose business or waste advertising dollars by serving up content that is too broad and not targeted enough to be helpful.
  • Keep your content “snackable.” Users spent 18% less time per website visit this past year reflecting shorter attention spans and on-the-go use of mobile devices.  Get to the point quickly, keep content to single topics and use signposting to guide users to other areas of need.

Check out 6 more tips and more consumer behavior data in my Search Engine Land column this month.  It is titled “Does finding that micro-moment feel like chasing fireflies?  Here are 9 data points that will help you catch them.”

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