Hyperlocal Startup Nextdoor Raises $21.6M from Key Digital Investors


Some major investors behind successful tech giants like Amazon, LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook are making big bets on an up-and-coming local niche social network called Nextdoor. The site, founded in 2011, brings social networking to a granular level by connecting communities of neighbors in private networks.

Nextdoor now hosts more than 8,000 neighborhoods across the country, with plans to grow internationally. According to Reuters, “members post Facebook style, giving or seeking recommendations for services such as babysitters and yard maintenance or local retailers and restaurants.” Users can also post about community events and items for sale, similar to

With Nextdoor’s hyperlocal focus, there’s potential value for local businesses down the line. Whether through advertisements, sponsored posts, or managing review and response sections, Nextdoor would provide an incredibly targeted audience for local marketers.

With some big-name investors in the digital world behind it, it will be interesting to see where Nextdoor goes over the coming year and whether it can build traction in an already competitive space.

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