HuffPost: ‘The solution might be as simple as remember to check the phone book’

In a column on the Huffington Post, reporter Gillian Frew makes a strong argument for the ongoing value of print media, specifically phone books, in today’s increasingly digital world.

Recently, Frew was researching genealogy information for a story. She searched Google and looked through several online genealogy forums, without success. It wasn’t until Frew referenced the phone book that she was able to find the family she was looking for – including key background information like names, phone numbers and addresses.

Frew said the experience should, “be a lesson to all young reporters out there: In the digital age, with more information available online than before, we still need to remember the basics. To scope out stores and suss out sources, reporters must rely on all of the tools at our disposal, both hi-tech and low. Sometimes, when all else fails, the solution might be as simple as remembering to check the phone book.”

While Frew’s story had to do with white pages, her experience mirrors the role that Yellow Pages play in helping consumers find basic local business information. Research shows that consumers continue to cite print and Internet Yellow Pages as among the most accurate and trusted source of local business information. Yellow Pages’ complete listings not only help consumers, they ensure that local businesses can easily and effectively capture potential customers who are ready to make a purchase.

Take a look at Frew’s column and let us know what you think.


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