How Location-Based Strategies are Driving Business Results

With 70% of the US economy driven by consumer spending, most of which taking place 15-20 miles of the home, location-based marketing and advertising is helping influence these “local” purchases. In addition, location-based tech continues to improve allowing marketers to quantify just how much the online worlds influence offline purchases.

During our webinar last week, Lara Mehanna of Sonata discussed how marketers are leveraging location-data from mobile devices to engage consumers and drive foot traffic. She talked about mobile and how it is bridging the gap between online and offline behavior, giving marketers a new found understanding of ROI and attribution.

After outlining the opportunity, she presented the latest location-based strategies that are driving business results. Here are some interesting bullet points from the webinar:

  • Serve ad creative based on geo-profiles and geo-context so you aren’t wasting impressions;
  • Mobile ad engagement increases when the consumer is closer to the store;
  • More than $1B in Starbucks purchases were transacted via mobile devices in 2013;
  • Mobile users tend to make more spontaneous purchases versus PC users;
  • 94% of retail spending occurs in-store;
  • Push notifications have to be used with caution to not frustrate the consumer.

Check out the entire webinar below:

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