How Can Local Media Simplify the Co-op Advertising Process?

Nearly all brand co-op programs have availability for various local media (newspaper, OOH, TV, etc.) promotion for their local dealer base. The usage of these programs varies by media channel, and newspapers specifically have seen a dwindling number of programs (some would say plummeting) for years. Why? Generally speaking, co-op for newspapers is complicated.

Broadcast operations in a lot of cases have a standard process for co-op ads that will automatically generate the notarized affidavits necessary for claim submission and reimbursement. You’ve seen obvious retailer programs with magazines, billboards, direct mail, and increasingly online. Many other media have developed solutions to help local businesses place this advertising simply with all the necessary support. Services like this with many newspapers is cumbersome.

Oftentimes the creative is teed up for the local retailer but they don’t pull the trigger because they think it’s complicated. They may have ample co-op funding but some don’t have the bandwidth for the details. Those that are successful with co-op connect all the dots for the dealer with the program.

Some media companies have mastered their internal systems to manage the co-op process. A co-op flag in order entry produces a streamlined process to deliver the dealer the basic material needed for co-op submission. They’ve made it easy for the client to place co-op in their products and that has helped draw in more co-op revenue through more clients as a result.

Those in advertising sales must be able to recognize clients who may use co-op to support their advertising and what those ads require from the dealer for reimbursement. The brand dealer is likely to invest more advertising dollars in any given media promotion when they are assured of co-op support from the manufacturer (up to 50% more in some studies).

As an example, in summer months there are plenty of brands and programs in motion and the co-op dollars follow the inventory to be sold like:

  • Lawn care to green up the yard (Scott’s, Jonathan Green, and Easy Gardener products).
  • Paint to touch up the house and the deck (Benjamin Moore, Clark & Kensington/Ace, and California Paints).
  • Auto aftermarket to prepare for those summer road trips (Michelin, Cooper, and Toyo Tires).
  • Auto service for some late Spring car care (Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Valvoline motor oils).
  • Pool products to start opening the pool (Bio-Lab, Lonza, and Zodiac).

If you can make a sensible ad program covering all the details for your local brand dealer, you’ll find many opportunities in every market large and small.

LSA offers the technology, training and services to help you make co-op advertising a simple, revenue-driving strategy for your local media and marketing company. Click here to learn more.

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