Hispanic Directory Usage Data Highlights Importance of Knowing Your Audience

A number of publishers have successfully produced a variety of Yellow Pages geared to Hispanic audiences.

Marketing to any specific demographic group requires the right research data. Of interest, a new report just released by Knowledge Networks on Hispanic usage of the Yellow Pages points out some interesting differences between Spanish- and English-speaking consumers.

For instance, among Spanish-only speaking consumers, pizza and several travel-related headings rank higher than in the English-speaking benchmark. So if you are in either of those businesses and advertise in a location with a large Spanish-speaking population, it might be worthwhile to consider Yellow Pages advertising targeted to that population.

The Knowledge Networks data also showed that Spanish language Yellow Pages users are more likely than their English speaking counterpart to:

  • have no specific brand name in mind before the reference (48% vs 34%).
  • look at one or more ads (70% vs 62%).
  • be new customers to the place where the purchase was made (54% vs 42%).

In comparison to the average English speaking adult, Spanish-dependant consumers are more likely to:

  • be age 18 to 34 (40% vs 15%).
  • have a larger household size of 4-plus persons (53% vs 20%).
  • live at their current address for under 5 years (61% vs 31%).

This kind of data demonstrates the differences in how groups use the Yellow Pages to meet their purchase needs. Advertisers can generate sales leads by targeting their ads accordingly.

YPA members who are interested in the full study can contact me directly for more details.

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