Highlights from 2014 Ad to Action Awards Webinar Series

During our webinar series last week, we heard from all of our 2014 Ad to Action Award winners on the functionality, benefits, targeting and ROI associated with each of their products or solutions.

The Ad to Action Awards recognized innovations in local advertising and marketing within eight submission categories that demonstrated the greatest potential for driving consumer actions. We received 60 outstanding solutions that were evaluated by a diverse panel of 14 notable experts, analysts, media and practitioners from across the local advertising industry.

Learn more about our winners below:

Mobile: GeoCookie by Thinknear

Social Media: Likes for Lives by Search Influence

Vertical Specific: Weather Triggered Demand Generation by SMG Local Spectrum

Video: TargetView by Sightly

Deals/Loyalty/Ecommerce: MyTime

Implementation: AdMax® Local by The Search Agency

Print: Platform Agnostic Dynamic Location Based Media Planning by SMG Local Spectrum

Business Listings: Local Listing Manager™ by Rio SEO

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