Here Are 50+ Expert Predictions for Local Media & Marketing in 2017

One of our most viewed blog posts last year was a compilation of 2016 predictions from over 20 experts around the local ecosystem. This year we pulled together over 50 predictions for 2017, capturing insights from an even broader mix of local media publishers, agencies and technology providers.

We hope that the diversity of perspectives found in this year’s prediction compilation will stimulate thinking and conversation within the industry. The predictions touch on everything from chatbots and virtual assistants, to more familiar topics like SEO and video.

Here are just a few of the prediction headlines:

  • More Will Be Able to Win Position in the Coveted Local 3 Pack
  • Social Advertising Will Be Key Pillar in Local SMB Advertising, Along with Search, Local Listings
  • More Personalized Real-World Experiences in 2017
  • Loyalty Refocuses on POS Integration
  • Mobile Devices, Connected Home, SSL & Bots Will Gain in 2017
  • Rise of Mobile Messaging Apps
  • Consumer Spending to Slow & Search to Grow in Uncertain Times
  • Companies Will Embrace Beacons for Retargeting

Many of these topics and themes will be explored in more detail at LSA17, February 27 – March 1 in San Diego. But before that, download your copy of the 2017 Predictions paper today.


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