Heard on the Floor: Use the Sales Force to Change Perceptions

From the tradeshow floor there was obviously a lot of talk about the state of the Yellow Pages industry. How viable is the print product in today’s environment? What should be the resource allocation between print and Internet products? Is the current sales force structure adequate to accommodate multiple product lines?

Bottom line is that print Yellow Pages still provides value to the advertiser, but the sales force needs to be reenergized. Right now sales reps are getting some negative reinforcement both externally and internally. If properly trained and adequately prepared, our sales force is our most important asset and can help lead our industry’s transformation.

Let’s take greater advantage of this asset. Our sales force, which is unmatched by any technology competitor we have, is our best weapon in changing the perception that print Yellow Pages is no longer viable … when, in fact, the reality is that print remains an important component of the overall media mix.

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