Handicapping the 2017 Local Predictions – Webinar on 1/26

Join me, Charles Laughlin and Neal Polachek as we talk through some of the more insightful and provocative predictions from the more than 50 that were submitted at the end of last year by technology and media companies in the broader local ecosystem.

Neal, Charles and I will debate what we think are the top predictions and why we agree or disagree. We’ll be interested to hear from you during the webinar as well. If you haven’t downloaded the free report, you can get it here.

You can sign up for the webinar here (1/26 at 11 Pacific/2 Eastern). And be sure to attend LSA17 where many of the topics presented in the report will be explored and argued on the main stage and in breakout sessions.

Local 2020 is coming. Be ready.

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