Greg Sterling Highlights Opportunities with Indoor Location Technology

During his webinar, Greg Sterling, industry expert, gave an overview of the indoor location marketing ecosystem, various technologies in use, indoor analytics and the way in which online-to-offline tracking will revolutionize ROI.  Some takeaways from the webinar include:

  •  Web-influenced offline spending is worth nearly $2 trillion annually.
  • Large majorities of internet users do research online before buying in stores or engaging local service providers.
  • People consult their smartphones for price and product information before deciding whether to buy.
  • The big opportunity for local marketers with indoor location is tracking online to offline activity.
  • 59% of searches on Yelp are from mobile.
  • Smartphones at critical mass
  • Basic location infrastructure in place (mobile network + WiFi) to make indoor location work
  • Consumers are widely using smartphones in stores and are willing to share location for benefits
  • Brands/retailers want the data and want to have “conversation” with their customers near POS
  • 40% to 50% of search/lookups on various YP sites are from mobile (globally)
  • Nearly 50% of Groupon transactions in Q2 (North America) came from mobile
  • Google Maps has more mobile than PC users (as of Q4 2012)

Check out the entire presentation below.

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