GotU Driving “Real Results” for Small Businesses on Facebook

According to a recent estimate, Google and Facebook accounted for all of the growth in U.S. digital advertising in in the first half of 2016. Facebook in particular accounted for 43% of that growth. Much of this is being driven by small businesses.

Many marketers are engaging with Facebook beyond the “organic” capabilities and are utilizing it as an advertising platform. The rapid rise of Facebook advertising is partly a function of effectiveness, but is likely more so related to the massive reach around the world that is possible on the platform.

There are some marketers and organizations that are driving real business results from Facebook. GotU, a new LSA member, is one of those companies. Recently awarded a 2016 Facebook Innovation Spotlight in the “Real Results” category, GotU helps local businesses target nearby people on Facebook and then optimize reach and frequency for best results.

In tune with the SMB community’s increasing desire to drive store visits and have proof of visitation lift, GotU is focused on driving offline activity with Facebook.  Instead of focusing on clicks and impressions as proof of ROI, Amedeo Guffanti CEO and founder of GotU said that SMB marketing partners need to focus on delivering real customers instead of online results.

“Local SMBs don’t know what they are really paying for in digital campaigns and they don’t see the value of digital results,” said Guffanti. “It’s about the offline results and we need to talk about these results in a way a local business owner understands it, and sees the value in it.”

The company shared with me a couple of case studies. One for a salon in Spain and a fair trade jeweler in Amsterdam. Despite representing two distinct businesses, in separate countries with different languages, the success these advertisers saw was a testament to Facebook’s reach around the world and GotU’s understanding of the channel.

GotU combines Facebook’s local targeting with its own optimization algorithm, in order to obtain the optimal reach and frequency to drive offline actions and bring real customers to stores. The company has discovered a variety of frequency, targeting and campaign length best practices for driving these store visits and apply these tactics to each campaign.

The GotU solution is positioned for SMB marketing partners (resellers) and multi-location retail businesses. The company’s solution goes beyond just Facebook ads by integrating with point of sales data and customer data via a CRM in order to cover everything from sales to campaign management and fulfillment.

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