Gordon Borrell: Mobile – The New Path to Traditional Media

Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, is ranked in the top 2% among Gerson Lehrman Group’s 150,000 consultants worldwide and is quoted frequently in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Ad Age, Forbes and other publications. He has appeared on CNN and other TV and radio programs discussing trends and forecasts for local media.

(This blog was originally posted today on Borrell Associates blog and is being republished with the author’s permission.)

Mobile marketing is big.  It’s so big it’s huge.  GINORMOUS, even.

That’s today’s relentless message.  And more or less, it’s wrong.

Gian Fulgoni, Chairman and Co-founder of comScore

The growth of mobile marketing may be occurring at a rapid clip, but more than 90% of businesses aren’t yet buying it.  And those who are, aren’t really spending that much.  Why?   Ask Gian Fulgoni, chairman and co-founder of comScore.

“When we looked at consumer (attitudes), mobile didn’t come up in the Top 10 tools that people listed in terms of things that helped them save money, save time or get new ideas of brands and products to buy,” Gian told me while prepping for his presentation Aug. 22 at the Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! Conference in Chicago.  “I really thought it would, but it didn’t — yet.  Maybe it suggests that you’ve got to be somewhat careful in following the consumer’s path to new media.”

Saywhat?  Traditional and other digital media trumps mobile for saving money and saving time? That’s a radical thought.  But I think it’s spot-on, and Gian’s research offers a brilliant gem for those who are trying to incorporate mobile marketing into their media enterprises.  Traditional media is still quite powerful. After all, it commands 80% of all local marketing dollars. But in tandem with mobile media, it can be an even more powerful marketing tool for SMBs.

It’s not an either-or proposition.  That’s the big message.

In our overhyped world, research can provide the edge that helps media managers avoid the lemming-leap reaction of peers.  Gian’s observations from comScore’s massive research database provide terrific gems that we can all learn from. During our conversation, he kept tossing data grenades – like the fact that Pinterest is the fastest-growing independent site, ever, and that 80% of its users are females. What a perfect target audience for apparel, home furnishings or food.  I had never even considered that.

I’m looking forward to hearing Gian’s insights at the conference.  He opened our 2013 Local Online Advertising Conference in New York last March and blew the audience away with his insights on how interactive media, handled correctly, actually drove more usage of traditional media.  I have no doubt we’ll hear the same explosions during his presentation in Chicago.  Gian tends to light up the Twitter feed during any presentation he gives.  In this overhyped, confusing media world, his data grenades are sorely needed.

For information on the conference, click here.

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