Google’s Framework for Effective SEM: Create, Complement, Capture

During a webinar with Moz and Whitespark earlier this month, we explored the latest edition of the Local Search Ranking Factors which surveys leading local SEO practitioners to understand the variables that are most important to ranking in local results. To follow that up, this week we hosted a webinar with Google that explored the paid side of search.

Amy Swartz of Google joined LSA’s Greg Sterling to discuss best practices to improve performance of SEM campaigns, with a focus on mobile. From landing pages and ad extensions to copy and creative, Amy offered concrete advice for boosting performance of search campaigns based on Google’s own, internal data.

Guiding Amy’s discussion was Google’s 3-pronged framework for creating effective SEM campaigns:

  • Create compelling ads that meet your business goals.
  • Complement your ads with extensions to enhance your message.
  • Capture attention when it matters.

Some specific tactics Amy recommended include:

  • Adopt three ads per ad group.
  • Add at least four ad extensions with one of them being specific to the business.
  • Increase your overall impression share to capture available demand.

Amy shared Google data that explained how things like sitelinks, callout extensions and structured snippets are impacting campaigns. For all of the tips and best practices, you can view the entire webinar recording below:

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