Google’s ‘Ad Strength’ Rating Seeks to Improve Machine Learning for Responsive Ads

With Google’s new responsive search ads, marketers can provide 15 ad headlines and 4 description lines and Google uses machine learning to test various copy combinations to identify the strongest ad creative for a given search query. However, 15 variations that are minimally different from each other doesn’t necessarily provide Google with enough variation to learn what is or is not working.

Additionally, it can be difficult to determine how much information to include within an ad, as well as what information will generate the most engagement. And, as consumers continue to expect more personalized forms of advertising, marketers must create a greater mixture of relevant ads.

To ease the strain of this process, Google created the “ad strength” rating for responsive search ads. This new tool will rate ads from “poor” to “excellent,” as well as provide supplementary feedback to help marketers create a responsive ad that provides Google enough information to actual learn what is or isn’t working. The rating is based on the relevance, quantity and diversity of the ad copy.

The company provided the following advice for each type of ad:

For a responsive search ad, provide as many headlines and descriptions as makes sense for your business. If you’re having trouble getting started, we recommend focusing on creating at least five headlines.

For a responsive display ad, provide up to 15 images and five logos, headlines, and descriptions per ad.

For Google’s machine learning to be effective, the ads must offer enough variation to be able to determine which ad combinations, copy and creative drives the most engagement. Both responsive search and display will be available in the next few weeks, with support following in the upcoming months.

The company also announced additional features, including the ability to preview responsive search ad combinations as they are built, allowing marketers a better vision of what an ad may look like once completed. Reporting will also be available for headlines, descriptions and top combinations to show marketers what appears most frequently on the search results page.

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