‘Search Starts Here’: Google, YP, xAd and Moasis Discuss What’s Working in Mobile

An expert panel on mobile advertising discussed what’s working in the mobile space.  Represented on the panel were Tim Garcia from Moasis, Dan Hight from xAd, Tae Kim from Google and Michael Rubin from YP.

The group agreed that the best way to measure mobile performance is to not just look at click through rates but also look at what’s happening after a click.  “Advertisers that are focused on offline type of conversations are working very well,” Dan from xAd said.

Dan went on to say that national agencies need to help clients measure and track performance beyond clicks.  “This is where the agencies still have to progress … For most of the traditional agencies, if it doesn’t take place online, they think it doesn’t really take place.”

Google’s Tae believes it’s important to look at mobile as part of a holistic advertising strategy, not as a separate strategy.  “Simplify your strategy.  Mobile doesn’t have to be just another thing you have to work out.”

Tae said the lines are blurring between devices.  “Phones are getting bigger and tablets are getting smaller” making it harder to target desktop vs. various devices.

Michaels at YP said the mobile is delivering results for its advertisers, with 40% of tracked calls and clicks coming from mobile.

With demand in the mobile space building, Tim from Moasis said it’s all about educating the small businesses so that they will look at directing their advertising spend into mobile vs. other offline channels that may not work as well.

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