Google Wildfire to Reveal Strategy for Helping SMBs Win with Social Media Marketing at SoMoConf

Over the last few years, Google’s Wildfire has put a lot of effort and attention in helping big brands improve their engagement at the local level via very sophisticated social media marketing tools and solutions.  Wildfire’s capabilities have proven successful for major brands like Amazon, Puma, Sony, Target and many more, but now Wildfire is making its way to Main Street.

Ohad Tzur, North America Lead of the Wildfire Partnership Program.

Ohad Tzur, North America lead of the Wildfire Partnership Program, will be joining us at Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! to highlight Wildfire’s interest in helping small and medium-sized businesses with social marketing.  With a host of case studies to pull from, Ohad will show the value in approaching digital marketing in more holistic way by combining Google’s Wildfire technology with the widely used AdWords and other Google advertising solutions.

“At Google, we are focused on providing what we call, ‘Integrated Marketing’ solutions that approach digital advertising as a whole,” Ohad said.  “With Wildfire we want to align our client’s social campaigns with the rest of their digital activity in order to improve reach, engagement and effectiveness.”

In addition to showing how SMBs can benefit from an integrated marketing approach, Ohad will also discuss the opportunities for organizations to partner with Wildfire.  From scalability to going to market, he will help potential partners understand how they can use Wildfire to help their clients win with social media.

Wildfire is a social marketing suite by Google that combines social promotion and advertising software, mobile and desktop page management, messaging and real-time analytics in one platform.  Prior to his current role with Wildfire, Ohad worked closely with Google’s channel sales partners and helped identify growth opportunities. Before joining Google, Ohad completed his MBA studies at MIT Sloan School of Management with a focus on online platforms and global strategy.

For more info on SoMoConf, check out the full agenda and register today. See you in the windy city!

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