Google Store Visits Reporting: Now Available to SMBs

Roughly four years ago Google introduced “Store Visits” as part of its Estimated Total Conversions metrics. It was only available to large advertisers (e.g., QSR, retailers, hotels) with numerous locations. Now, the company is bringing offline visitation data and other “local conversion” analytics to small businesses.

New “per-store” reporting will roll out globally by the end of the month. It will be available to all advertisers regardless of size or number of locations. It will be part of the new AdWords (soon to be Google Ads) interface. The Help Center page shows how to access these reports.

This new reporting is an expansion of Store Visits and will offer a range of additional conversion data for each business location. In addition to an estimate of how many in-person visits happened for each business location, Google will also be reporting several other types of conversions that are tied to local search:

  • Call data
  • Clicks on “get directions” buttons.
  • Website visits data initiated by location-based ads.
  • Clicks on “order” buttons.
  • Clicks on menu links.
  • Several types of “other actions”

In order to access per-store reports, you’ll need to link your Google My Business account with AdWords (Google Ads). You’ll also need to use location extensions. And to obtain a more complete (but imperfect) view of online-to-offline user actions, you’ll also want to combine per-store reporting with Google My Business Insights reporting.

The fact that Google can now expand offline visits tracking (on a per-store) basis and include SMBs, regardless of how many locations they have speaks to the volume of data that Google is collecting online and off. Google stressed that all its offline visitation data is “aggregated and anonymous.”

It will be interesting to see whether and how offline visitation data for SMBs impacts Google partner churn numbers. In other words, with more concrete conversion and visitation data more SMBs may gain a better sense of ROI from Google Ads.

Google’s Kishore Kanakamedala will speak about advancements in Google’s online-to-offline reporting and the evolution of location intelligence at the Place Conference in New York on September 13. 

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