Google Smart Technologies Are Going to Change How We Do Business

Google is one of the biggest companies on the planet and has solidified its place in the world’s conversation as a leading tech giant. Constant innovation and always working to improve existing tech are just two of the reasons Google is expected to remain a powerhouse for many years to come.

Let’s explore some of the most exciting new Google Smart Technologies that will have noticeable effects on how the world does business in the future at every scale. Small business owners in particular may find fantastic potential that can boost sales and improve customer experiences at the local level.

Google Tech for Consumers

Google recently released its first real foray into the smartphone market with the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Both iterations of the Pixel have met with exceedingly positive reviews, and many tech reporters expect the Pixel to put another large dent in Apple’s long-standing stranglehold on the smartphone market. A plethora of well-crafted hardware, the latest Android operating system, and exceptionally fast performance are just a few reasons behind the Pixel’s warm consumer reception – but some of the most innovative and exciting features lay within the Pixel’s smart technology.


Pixel owners have immediate access to Google Assistant (the Pixel’s answer to Siri). Although the AI is still learning, consumers will see many new capabilities for this program in the near future. Pixel owners can unlock their phones, make calls, use speech-to-text to send text messages, find nearby shops and restaurants, order pizza, and conduct many other daily tasks, all through voice commands.

Google Assistant is already being called one of the best voice-command systems on the market, and this new technology is a great indication of what consumers can expect from Google Smart technology in the future. Consumers are already quite comfortable using voice search to quickly look up product reviews, video demos, business locations and hours, and so on, and this digital assistant technology will give voice search a further boost. Your next move is to be there for your customers and optimize your website content in response to this trend.

Google Smart Technologies for Everything

Another recent product from Google is the new Google Home system – a Wi-Fi connected loudspeaker that follows voice commands. One of the most amazing features of Google Home is its ability to connect with and control other Google devices, such as the Chromecast streaming video adapter and any other Google Assistant-capable device. Consumers now have a connected network of voice-operated tech that can play music, launch video on a TV connected with a Chromecast adaptor, and orchestrate many other features. The smart technology of Google Assistant is behind all of these capabilities.


One of the biggest new applications for Google Assistant is within Google’s self-driving car project. Although still in the prototyping and testing phase, the self-driving vehicle aims to cut down on the accidents and property damage associated with human error. Similar to the expanding capabilities of Google Assistant, the Google Car is constantly learning from the environment, user data, and other cars. Smart cars essentially learn from one another, and the Google self-driving car possesses years of driving experience that continues to evolve.

Small businesses may even find new uses for self-driving cars at the local level. For example, companies could send courtesy cars to pick up local customers, drop them off at the shop, and then take them home afterward. Additionally, self-driving cars may become full-fledged taxi services, providing cheaper, safer transportation that’s also more environmentally friendly, as  Google self-driving cars are powered by electricity, not gasoline.

Benefits for Local Business Owners

Google Smart Technologies are not only making consumers’ lives easier – local small business owners now have a wealth of opportunities before them with Google Assistant. Modern business is more competitive and fast-paced than ever before, and business owners can now drastically cut down the time spent on humdrum administrative tasks and spend more time serving customers. In addition to making business tasks easier and less time-consuming, Google Smart technologies can help consumers and small business owners in various ways, such as setting up location-based alerts for a shop’s loyal customers informing them of sales and promotions once they come within a certain radius of the shop.

For example, Google Assistant now works with Google Maps and has a new Driving Mode. With a user’s location data history, schedule, recent search history, previous Google Assistant queries, and many other data sets, Driving Mode can help drivers in various ways, and entirely hands-free. Distracted driving is a serious issue, and the damage from distracted driving has escalated with the advent of smartphones.

Google Smart Technologies aim to eliminate this issue while still providing valuable navigation assistance on the road. Driving Mode can predict where a driver is going and alert him or her ahead of time about accidents or obstructions along the usual route.

This new Driving Mode has other capabilities for consumers and business owners. For example, let’s say someone goes to a massage therapy center every week at the same time. Google Smart technology can determine a person’s destination based on their location history, and the user can have the device send an alert to the massage center that they are on the way. The customer is then checked in for their massage before arrival, perhaps with their favorite beverage waiting for them!

After a relaxing visit, the massage therapy center can send a message asking the customer for a review about the experience. You want to keep in touch with local customers and let them know that their patronage and feedback are indeed appreciated, and this is a great way for small businesses to do this.

Virtual Reality Is Taking Center Stage

Virtual reality was once considered just a novelty in the world of video games, but many businesses are seeing the potential for VR in new ways. Sony recently released its new PlayStation VR headset aimed specifically at gamers, but Google Daydream offers a different VR experience – one that consumers and entrepreneurs can enjoy. Google has promised at least 50 new Google Daydream apps for the next year, and third-party offerings will certainly follow.


While VR certainly offers a more immersive gaming experience, marketing professionals are already capitalizing on VR’s potential as a means of engaging customers in meaningful ways. Today’s Pixel smartphone owners can take a look by purchasing the VR headset and remote package, then downloading the apps that they find interesting.

How VR Is Expanding Beyond Video Games

Many businesses are looking for new ways to use VR to reach consumers from anywhere, such as product demonstrations and first-person views of new products and features. Video content is making big changes in the marketing world, and the advent of VR has flung those doors open even wider.

Consumers can now enjoy much more immersive experiences, and entrepreneurs can create memorable, meaningful encounters for their audiences. Local business owners may want to consider VR technology for local events, charity drives, and holiday promotions. Small business owners in practically every field can use this new tech in a variety of ways to create meaningful interactions with local consumers.

Google Smart technologies have the potential to change lives in a variety of ways and completely reshape how we conduct business; there’s no denying that. Company owners and consumers will be able to get more value from their devices along with added convenience. It’s time for marketers and small business owners to start considering how they can offer more value to their customers at the local level with this new technology.

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