Google Officially Launches New GMB Agency Dashboard

This week Google announced the release of its highly anticipated Agency Dashboard, which was introduced by the company last month at the Local Search Association’s LSA18 event in Chicago. The new dashboard is intended to help agencies manage numerous Google My Business listings efficiently.

Some of the available capabilities on the new Agency Dashboard include:

  • Managing multiple locations under a single account, eliminating the 100-location limit per account.
  • Sending and receiving invitations to manage specific locations. Users can then view the statuses of these invites.
  • Combining all of the locations in an Organization account into a single location group. Agencies can then request access to a customer’s location through the group. Additionally, customers can request that an agency’s location group co-manage their listing.
  • User groups allow agencies to create teams of people in charge of managing access to location groups.
  • Search for locations on an account or within a specific location group.

In addition, Google has introduced several new GMB features this year, including Posts, Messaging and a booking icon that allows potential customers to book appointments directly from a GMB listing. Each tool was designed to help local businesses – and the marketing providers that serve them – succeed in their markets and improve their ability to engage with customers.

In addition to the new dashboard and capabilities, Google is also offering support to agencies via a newly launched website and an agency help center. Google also requests interested agencies to register in order to access the tool. It will be interesting to see how marketers respond to the dashboard.

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