Google Maps App Now Lets Users Collaboratively Make Group Dinner Plans

Google continues to adjust, change and introduce new features to Google Maps, moving beyond simply pins and directions. The company pledged to make the platform “more assistive and personal with new features that help you figure out what to eat, drink and do.”

Announced earlier this week, Google has released a new feature that helps groups of all sizes and preferences decide where to eat, all within a single portal. Users can click on restaurants and add them to a shortlist that appears as a small circle on the side of your screen.

The list can then be shared with family and friends who can then add or remove places and vote on their favorite spots within Google Maps. The feature is only available on the Google Maps app and is starting to roll out on Android and iOS.


This comes after a series of updates to the Google Maps platform which include the “For You” tab that allows users to follow neighborhoods and restaurants that they’d like to try, as well as the “Your Match” feature which provides a “match” number and reasoning for how likely a user is to enjoy a restaurant that they’ve clicked on.

Additionally, the new “Explore” tab helps users find nearby dining, events and other activities based on a chosen location.

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