Google Enhancing Local Inventory Ads, O2O Reporting

At the Place Conference in New York last month Kishore Kanakamedala, Google’s Director of Product Management for Online-to-Offline Solutions offered his perspective and overview of Google’s location analytics offerings, including store visitation and store sales measurement.

Google and Facebook are both making big bets on “closing the loop.” Independent companies such GroundTruth, PlaceIQ, Foursquare, UberMedia, NinthDecimal, Blis, Cuebiq, Placed and others also make these capabilities and insights available to advertisers on other platforms and through the exchanges.

Today at the SMX East conference in New York Kanakamedala made several new announcements and showed how Google has gone “all in” on location and O2O measurement.

This is what Google announced earlier today:

  • Availability of local retail inventory (from a product feed) via the Google Assistant (Home or on smartphones). “Where can I buy XX nearby?”
  • Local display ads that highlight real-time in store inventory
  • Google will soon measure whether impressions (not just clicks) drove store visits
  • New analytics reports: Time Lag (how long it took to visit a store after a click), new vs. returning customers, customer demographics. These reports are on top of existing distance reporting (how far customers traveled) and geographic and user location reports (where they are coming from)

What Google has repeatedly said is that when offline visits and purchases are factored in, AdWords are driving much more value to marketers than when online-only metrics are reported.

Google is now measuring store visitation in 20 countries across search, display and YouTube. The company says that it has tracked more than 7 billion visits across dozens of verticals and industry categories, such as automotive, CPG, travel, retail and QSR.

Ultimately everyone that sells ads or marketing services to businesses that primarily transact in the “real-world” will need to be able to deliver these kinds of offline metrics.

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  1. Andy Kuiper says:

    It’s getting there…

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