Google Announces New AdWords Location-Based Features for Retailers & Marketers

Yesterday, at the Search Marketing Expo Advanced in Seattle, Google made several announcements regarding new functionality and innovations within AdWords. The changes are retail focused and are a response to changes in technology and mobile usage that have raised consumer expectations in the retail environment.

To help meet the demands of the widespread research online and buy in-store behavior, Google expanded their affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube. Affiliate location extensions on search, display and now video helps multi-location brands promote nearby locations where a product or products can be purchased.

The expansion of affiliate location extensions into video (YouTube) is meant to help increase foot traffic to retailers, many of which still see a majority of sales coming from in-store purchases. Additionally, the update offers another opportunity for brands and marketers to track online-to-offline behaviors via Google’s store visit conversions offering.

Additionally, at the end of the month, Google will also unveil local catalog ads, which feature interactive displays designed to help shoppers see what a retailer sells and subsequently visit a store location. From these ads, shoppers can see whether a product is in stock, as well as the cost of the item.


Beyond these location-based updates, Google also revealed two other major enhancements:

  • Competitive Pricing Insights: Retailers can now utilize price benchmarks in AdWords, which show the prices that their competitors are listing the same items for. According to Google, these insights can be utilized to, “inform your bidding strategy when you have price-competitive products to promote, to influence pricing strategy with your merchandising teams, or to troubleshoot performance drops due to competitors’ pricing.”
  • Shopping Actions Program: Announced in March, Google’s shopping actions program provides consumers with a means to shop for a retailer’s products via Google Assistant and Search with a universal cart from any device (mobile, tablet, desktop, smart home device). In addition to easing the shopping process, the program helps increase loyalty and engagement among customers. More than 70 retailers are currently utilizing the program, and early testing revealed an increase in total clicks and conversions at a lesser cost per click and conversion than shopping ads alone.

2 Responses to “Google Announces New AdWords Location-Based Features for Retailers & Marketers”

  1. Amy says:

    Hi there, thanks for this write up! Question about Competitive Pricing Insights – is this currently in the Adwords platform or part of a future release? Its something I’ve had my eye for but haven’t seen any other documentation out there on it.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Greg Sterling says:

    Unfortunately I don’t know the answer.

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