Goodzer Helps Local Businesses Reach Millions of Customers

Goodzer serves millions of local businesses – from large to small – that want to enhance their local presence and reach local consumers. Using its unprecedented technology and automated marketing platform, Goodzer amasses and distributes local merchant profiles for millions of businesses that contain detailed information about each merchant’s services and products, thus allowing consumers to make informed, thoughtful purchase decisions.

To learn more, we caught up with Mike Wilson, CEO at Goodzer:

What local problem(s) does Goodzer solve? How?
Goodzer provides local consumers with the detailed information rarely available online for local businesses – service lists, descriptions, prices, product images and more – dubbed “Enhanced Business Profiles”.  These profiles are distributed through Goodzer’s large partner network – which includes and reaches over 200 million users per month.  It is free to merchants, thus allowing them to market their specific services to highly targeted consumers at no cost.

Goodzer also uses this detailed data to drive highly qualified leads to local businesses through Performance Marketing Solutions – from users who know exactly what they need and are close to a purchase decision.  These leads are primarily phone calls but can also include in-store visits and appointment booking.  Goodzer’s technology makes campaign set-up simple – within minutes, Goodzer can have a business location live and receiving inquiries from customers.

What makes Goodzer innovative?
Goodzer’s core data aggregation technology and automated platform is unprecedented in its ability to amass and parse massive amounts of very granular data at scale.  It serves as Goodzer’s backbone for all its offerings, including its Enhanced Business Profiles data and partner distribution and its Performance Marketing solutions.  With automated Performance campaigns, Goodzer can create ads at scale, producing millions of specific long-tail campaigns and targeted landing pages while programmatically optimizing bids and costs.

How does Goodzer make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Goodzer benefits both merchants and consumers – creating a deeper connection between the two by enabling local transactions and focusing only on qualified leads for merchants.  Instead of vague and very basic business information, all of Goodzer’s services provide the details necessary for local consumers to make a timely and informed purchase decision.

With the changes in local advertising – the decline in print media and the proliferation of thousands of digital providers, Goodzer makes the local space better by giving local merchants what they want: clarity and simplicity.  Our solutions are fully automated and perform dozens of functions that local merchants formerly had to do themselves or had to rely upon expensive agencies for.  Goodzer’s technology provides a Do-it-for-me / Do-it-with-me model (as opposed to DIY, which merchants find difficult) that specifically gives merchants the ultimate outcome they are looking for:  performance based results in the form of calls, visits and bookings.  Goodzer removes confusion and inefficiency and replaces it with clarity and simplicity.

What is next in local?
Closing the loop, simplifying the buying and fulfillment process, and tracking a buyer from first click to purchase, particularly in the local services industry, is what would revolutionize local advertising.  Local businesses are strapped for both money and time – they need and want to know exactly what they are getting for their marketing dollars.  The more appointments, in-store visits, and actual transactions an advertising provider can quickly and easily generate and prove, the more a local merchant will trust in that provider and stick with them for future needs.  Automation is also key to allow for scale, critical cost efficiencies around things like traffic acquisition, development and support costs, and for the instantaneous changes and results that are now expected – from the initial engagement to ad fulfillment to reporting.

To learn more check out the flyer below or contact Mike directly at

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