Good Housekeeping Features YP Mobile on Favorite Apps List

As we head into the weekend, I want to share a great recommendation by Good Housekeeping magazine for YPMobile. In a feature called “Your Favorite Apps,” YPMobile was listed as the app “to check out” in the driving category.

In addition to helping users find the best local gas prices, YPMobile lets users search more than 16 million business quickly with their fingers or voice command in popular categories including restaurants, bars, hotels, mechanics, and dentists.

For more information on YPMobile, visit

One Response to “Good Housekeeping Features YP Mobile on Favorite Apps List”

  1. Liquid hcg says:

    Hey don’t forget the coupons. I love this app… I use it all time. It seam like more of late due to the gas guru…. Who would have thought that we would be making life decisions over gas prices!!! .08 cents a gallon is .08 cents a gallon.

    Thanks YP

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