GoDaddy Super Bowl Ads Mark Rebranding as SMB Service

GoDaddy produced two Super Bowl ads this year. Both marked a full break from the salacious ads of GoDaddy’s Super Bowl past.

One mocked the sentimentality of Budweiser’s “puppy love” ads and portrayed a cute puppy that fell off a truck and made its way home only to discover it had been sold online. It was pulled because of negative public reaction before the big game.

The second commercial, which actually aired, celebrated the small business owner who works so tirelessly that he doesn’t have time to watch the game itself.

While the ad above, entitled “working,” is dignified (even patriotic in a way) it’s somewhat bland as Super Bowl ads go. However it’s noteworthy to underline the company’s complete rebranding — from a domain registrar to a company that not only builds websites but supports SMBs and helps them grow.

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