GoDaddy: Mobile Devices, Connected Home, SSL & Bots Will Gain in 2017

At the end of 2016 we asked members of the extended LSA community to tell us what they expect in 2017 for location-based marketing and media. We received a broad mix of predictions from over 50 industry professionals and compiled them into a free report.

Below are the predictions submitted by Christopher Carfi, director of content marketing at GoDaddy:

Having a professional, responsive online presence will be even more important in 2017.

More users are mobile and the big search engines increasingly insist that websites work well for users on a wide variety of mobile device form factors, from smart watches to giant monitors.

Being findable becomes critical.

Devices such as Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home will be breakout hits in 2017, so websites must be findable and formatted to respond to searches with information that can be easily communicated with connected home devices.

Sites secured with SSL will win.

Sites that are not secured with SSL certificates will drop in the search engine rankings, as Google and others continue to push for HTTPS everywhere.

Small businesses begin to experiment with bots and conversational interfaces.

Sites such as Quartz are already creating mobile experiences that are driven by conversational interfaces, and in 2017 small businesses will begin to experiment with bots and conversational interfaces for both information sharing and customer care.

To access the more than 50 predictions for 2017, download the report here.

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