Former Yellowbook CEO Joe Walsh Takes Over at Dex Media

Yesterday Dex Media announced the appointment of Joe Walsh, former Yellowbook CEO, as the new president and chief executive officer. Joe succeeds Peter McDonald who is a distinguished veteran of the industry for more than 40 years and LSA Executive Board member.

Over the last four years Peter has helped Dex reorganize the company’s digital portfolio, leading to double digit sales growth and dramatically improved profit margins, all the while orchestrating the merger between Dex One and SuperMedia.  In addition to all that, Al Schultz, chairman of the board praised him for finding “an exceptionally talented and experienced successor.”

Joe Walsh, new president and CEO of Dex Media.

During his tenure at Yellowbook, Joe began as a sales leader in 1987 and served as CEO from 1993 to 2011.  He led the company through a series of acquisitions and new market launches that drove revenue from $38 million to more than $2 billion and turned the small directory publisher to one of the nation’s premier providers of small business advertising and digital marketing solutions.

I’ve found Joe to be an inspirational leader, pragmatic in his decision-making and highly tuned-in to market trends. He has served on the LSA Board before and we look forward to working with him again. It will be exciting to see how Dex evolves under his leadership.

4 Responses to “Former Yellowbook CEO Joe Walsh Takes Over at Dex Media”

  1. Jill May says:

    Dex acquired a great Business Man for this position. I worked as a Manager for Yellowbook while Joe Walsh was President of the company. He made that company what is was at the time. After he left, I left. The customer focus was lost and it was run like a bank owned business. I have a great deal of respect for Joe Walsh and his proven successful business leadership! Dex employees have a Great captain to lead them!!!
    Big win for Dex!

  2. Kellie Patterson (at Hibu/Yellowbook) says:

    When Joe Walsh left our company, so did all the moral and work ethic. He has been missed so much and we have always hoped that someday he would acquire us back. Now, all of our jobs are being shipped overseas (even the print – special handling – etc)…..I love the job that I do, however, not the company that I am with since it doesn’t care about keeping our jobs at all – Joe Walsh would not have done this to us. I really wish that he was based in Cedar Rapids so that we could work for him – that was the best job and work environment that I have ever worked in in 30 years. Joe, know that you were loved and respected and that we all miss you – just wish you could save our jobs! You will be successful at DEX – they are lucky to have you!

  3. Cathy Caiazza says:

    I agree with everyone’s post. It’s not often you see such praise to a high level executive as you do Joe. I don’t think I will ever see such a class act in a CEO such as Joe in the remainder of my career. Dex is very lucky to have such a genuine person leading them!

  4. Rhonda Glavich says:

    WOW!! Way to go Joe Welsh!! Now what do you all have to say from Hibu?!? Now more job cuts, more jobs over seas… Who do you think structured that at Hibu?!? These CEO’s will never learn!! Look who Praises them! Very sad..?

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