Five Steps to Capturing Mobile Customers in 2012

In my Locals Only column on Search Engine Land this month, I talk about the growing role that mobile is playing in the average shopping experience.

With a fast-growing and appealing consumer base now utilizing mobile devices throughout the purchasing process from pre- to post-sale, local businesses are taking note and investing in mobile marketing at an unprecedented rate.

In the column, I map out a five-step process to better understand the mobile shopping phenomenon to enable local businesses to better influence customer decisions in 2012. The process includes:

  • Recognizing that mobile is a big deal – and that it’s only better bigger
  • Understanding that young and wealthy customers are the most common mobile shoppers
  • Paying attention to the geographies where mobile is hot
  • Influencing mobile shoppers’ pre-purchase decisions
  • Ensuring in-store visits result in sales

Click here to read my full column on Search Engine Land.

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